Why are payments required up-front?
AThis breaks down into 2 reasons, besides the general rule that this is how most businesses operate. It is to cover reasonable costs for parts and time spent prior to/during the booking. We also don’t keep items in stock such as Dash Cams, SD Cards or SVM codes. This is mainly due to theft prevention. With this in mind, we order per booking and the cost is covered by the payment. Also, some items are “One Time Use Only” such as activation codes, As it can’t be used on any other vehicle and is linked to that specific vehicle, they need to be paid for prior to use.

The requirement for payment will be strictly upheld with the only exception being diagnostic scans.

Will you travel outside of South Wales?
AYes! Within a reasonable distance, we will happily travel to accommodate you at your location. This will incur additional costs and will likely have a longer delay for booking.
I work unusual hours, do you offer evening bookings?
AYes! We understand that the demands of modern life are hectic. With this in mind, we can offer evening bookings during the week between 6pm-8pm.

This is by prior arrangement ONLY and will require FULL PAYMENT upon booking to secure your time slot. No late bookings available for Saturdays and we are always closed on Sundays.

I have been told that what I want isn’t possible, is this true?
AOften the answer is no! Always get a second opinion on what you have been informed. We spend countless hours researching and experimenting with loads of different coding and retrofits to find out what really is and isn’t possible. If we haven’t tried yours yet and can’t find a definitive answer then we will happily book you in to investigate.

Just as a reminder, whether the answer is yes or no after investigating, payment will still be required as agreed during the booking process to cover time and costs.

Do you use genuine OEM parts or cheaper copies?
AWe ALWAYS use genuine OEM parts for repairs and retrofits. This does sometimes mean a longer wait if certain parts are not in stock but in our experience it’s not worth using lesser quality parts as they don’t last and sometimes don’t work at all! All our new genuine OEM parts come with a 2 year warranty and all installations come with a 1 year labour warranty.

The only exceptions are if the vehicle is sold from the owner or if the install has been tampered with either by the customer or another professional. In these circumstances there is no warranty offered or implied and any repair work will be chargeable. If the install is removed completely then we will refit at the full original price at our discretion. We reserve the right to refuse to work on any vehicle.

Do you offer warranty?
AYes! All our new genuine OEM parts come with a 2 year warranty and all installations come with a 1 year guarantee.

The only exceptions are if the vehicle is sold by the customer post installation or if the install has suffered damage arising from customer/third party interference, routine wear and tear, negligence, abuse or accidental damage. In these circumstances there is no warranty offered or implied and any repair work will be at our discretion and chargeable at our standard rate. If the install is removed completely either by the customer or third party then, at our discretion, we will refit at the full original price.

Do you work on other brands outside of the VW Group?
AAt the moment, no.

Our equipment is specialised for VW Group vehicles and won’t work with other brands. We may expand in the future but this isn’t likely to happen soon.

What happens in adverse weather?
AWe employ common sense when it comes to weather issues.

As a lot of our work involves electrical systems and equipment then it is inadvisable to work in heavy rain, strong winds or snow. Also, sometimes it is needed for your vehicle doors to be open for prolonged periods and this may introduce moisture into your vehicle which can cause issues in itself and be difficult to remove.

With this in mind, we will reschedule your booking at the earliest convenience so as to minimise the delay in completing the job.

I don’t have a driveway or off-road/private parking, is this an issue?
AIt can be. Due to the safety of the engineer and public, we will only work where there is enough safe space to do so. Working on the side of a main road, narrow streets or sites with unusual dangers nearby are avoided for safety and insurance purposes. If this information is omitted during booking (if we ask and you fib) then the installation may be cancelled upon arrival and rescheduled when the vehicle can be made safe to work on. If it cannot be rescheduled then reasonable costs will be deducted from your payments and the remaining refunded, usually within 3-5 working days.

This is to ensure everyone’s safety and minimise the risk of damage to the vehicle. When work is only required on the driver side of the vehicle then we request that the vehicle be parked with the off-side (driver side) next to the kerb.

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